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What We Offer

We strive to offer high-quality, home-cooked meals and snacks, fun and educational activities, and an exploration and learning-oriented atmosphere. Check out some of what we provide below!


Fresh Vegetable in Basket

Committed to Quality

Here at Cactus Blossom Childcare, we believe that food has a substantial impact on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of your child. And it’s because of this conviction that we strive to provide high-quality, home-cooked, gluten-free foods every day.  

When available, we make an effort to source clean foods; from cage-free eggs to organically grown fruits and vegetables and gluten free grains and breads.

We serve two full, home-cooked meals per day and two snacks (included in the price)

Breakfast from 7:30am to 8:00am

Morning snack from 9:00am to 9:30am

Lunch from 11:30 am to 12:00pm

Afternoon snack from 3:30pm to 4:30pm

Each child will have a personal water cup just for them. Berkey-filtered water is provided and accessible at all times.

Additionally, we encourage fun and comfortable "family-style meals" and will guide children in basic table etiquette, passing food dishes, setting the table for meals, and correct utensil usage. Children love this method of eating meals, and they become prepared and their self-confidence increases at a young age for situations like this in their futures.

Learning and Activities

Chalkboard Drawings

Exceeding Expectations

Some of our activities include


Seasonal gardening (weather permitting) with the basics of:
○ Digging and creating placements in soil
○ Planting seeds/plant starts
○ Spacing seeds
○ Watering and checking in on growing seedlings
○ Correct harvesting methods for different vegetables and fruits.
No screen time.

Encouragement of daily outdoor activity 

Daily Circle time: 

  • Months of the year

  • Counting

  • Alphabet Learning

  • Weather

  • Color themes and matching

  • Sing along songs with hand motions

  • Learning social skills like introductions through role-play

  • Identifying Emotions

Daily music time with singing and dance/movement.
Scheduled morning and afternoon "quiet time"/nap-times
Education-driven crafts:
○ Intro to various culture: music, art and food.
○ Intro to food prep.
○ Intro to textiles.
○ Process art and product art.
○ Encouragement of guided "free-learning"
○ Introductory science.
○ Introductory math.
○ Fun team-building and collaborative crafts and activities.
Establishment of good hand washing habits

The Home

Baby Room Cabinet

A Fun and Safe Environment


● Indoor carpeted open floor plan with high visibility from one room to the
next and providing lots of space for little ones.
● Non-wifi environment (electronics are simply hardwired to minimize
low-level radio-frequencies to young children and infants)
● No harsh chemical cleaning agents. Solutions are all-natural and free of
synthetic fragrances.
● Steam cleaning to provide a sanitary play area.
● Craft area with supplies for art, crafts, textiles.
● Dining area with kid-sized table, benches and high chairs for family style meals.
● Wide variety of toys, books and educational material suited for the different
ages of young children to encourage gross and fine motor skills and a
love of exploration.
● Separate infant room with individual cribs (with firm mattresses to
reduce the risk of SIDS) w/ amenities for breastfeeding mothers--
as well
as separate, refrigerated storage for breast-milk/infant formula bottles.
● Separate toddler/pre-K nap room. Each toddler will be supplied with his/her own sleep mat with a personal blanket and kid-size weighted blanket for sweet dreams​

Outside Facility: 
● Outdoor deck and play area over 2000 sq. feet, complete with gated and secure fence and shaded ramada. Outdoor climbing equipment, toys and jungle gym!

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