Cactus Blossom Childcare Team

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Louisa Foreman 

Daycare Provider and Event Coordinator

Possessing a passion for childcare, Louisa enjoys providing a fun and nurturing environment for young children and a safe and gentle atmosphere for infants. An avid music-lover and holistic health enthusiast, Louisa feels privileged to be able to work with children and create a place that encourages learning, exploration and growth. Louisa has had several years experience as a private music instructor for voice, piano, guitar and violin. She has also run a local catering business and spent several months as a private nanny. 

 BA of Humanities with emphasis in Music. 

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Grace Foreman 

Assistant Staff Member and Activities Coordinator

Grace's fun-loving nature and high energy enthusiasm makes her a perfect fit for older toddlers and pre-K kids, as well as an exciting leader in physical activities like dance and movement, large-motor skills, sports, outdoor exploration and free-play. Some of her favorite pastimes include volleyball, guitar, physical fitness, fashion and early child-hood development. Grace has many years of babysitting under her belt, and has also been able to professionally photograph several events, such as weddings, outdoor gatherings, and bridal showers.