Attendance Rates

  • Full day: (over 6 hours and up to 12 hours--or 13 hours, if it's Friday): $48

    • Up to 2 full meals and 2 snacks included in the price. 

  • Half day: (up to 6 hours) $36

    • Meal and snack included (depending on enrollment hours) 

5% Tuition Discount 

If child is enrolled 5 days/week, there is a 5% discount on tuition each week. 


(Any combination of full or half days is acceptable to obtain the discount, as long as the child is enrolled for 5 days). 

10% Tuition Discount 

If payments are made a month (4 weeks) in advance, there is a 10% discount on tuition each month.


(This discount applies for any number of days per week) 

Couple's Night Out

The First Saturday of Every Month

Looking for a weekend evening getaway? 

  • We offer late hours on Saturday from 3pm-11pm 

  • One full, home-cooked meal served at 7pm that evening

  • The rate is hourly, at $10/hour per child.

  • After your first hour, we offer half-hour increments at $5/half hour.

Family Discount



Our Family discount plan provides a more affordable option for parents looking to enroll more than one child at a time at Cactus Blossom Childcare.

For every child after the first enrolled child, all rates are reduced by 20%.


(For example, for child #1, the weekly rate is $240, but for child #2, the weekly rate is $192.  The same applies for the drop-in hourly rates on Saturdays. For child #1, the hourly rate is $10 and the half hour rate is $5. For child #2, the hourly rate is$8 and the half hour rate is $4).


If you plan to enroll more than 2 children at Cactus Blossom Childcare, please contact us about our " 3-and-More" discount plan. We encourage parents with large families to enroll their children in Cactus Blossom Childcare, and we try to make this a financially feasible choice.

Special or Extenuating Circumstances

(In case of schedule changes or emergencies)


The staff at Cactus Blossom work hard to provide a loving and carefree environment for each child, and provide hours longer than a typical workday to accommodate work schedules and commutes of busy parents.


Because of our full days, time before and after operating hours are especially valuable to us for catching up on records, paperwork, washing sheets and toys, and the most important component . . . rest: so we can be full of energy to match your little ones!

However, we do know how crazy things can get sometimes in life for parents between work and kids. So, in the rare cases that children need to be dropped off before opening hours or picked up after closing hours, a rate of $15/hour per child will be activated.  We will do all we can to ensure pickup and drop off is easy, quick and comfortable for both parent and child.